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Let's Leviate the White House

Yes, I have been either lazy or busy. It so happens that I still am but I will try to sneak this in here. Many of you who read here and who follow certain internet news organs like I do; find that your greatest challenge is the act of sifting bullshit. The more mainstream the news organ the larger the shovel required. In some cases a backhoe is needed. Ernest workers that we are, many of us have to strip naked on the mud porch after work before we enter the bathroom for hosing down. It’s not a pretty business.

Back in the days of anti-Vietnam protests there came a day when certain penetrating minds decided to gather together enough people to surround the Pentagon while holding hands. The idea was to chant in unison and raise the Pentagon from the ground; to levitate it. One of the main participants was Tuli Kuperferberg. Tuli played with an eclectic 60’s band called “The Fugs”. Tuli was a man of several parts and held the distinction of being one of the only people ever arrested for masturbating outside the Pentagon as well as being one of very few people to ever jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and survive.

What happened when the Pentagon got wind of this effort is telling; they pulled out all stops to prevent it. They absolutely and unequivocally would not allow it. Why? Surely you do not believe that these people could actually lift the Pentagon from the ground by sheer force of a joined, collective will? However, the thing is that individuals in The Pentagon, in the C.I.A., in The Grey House (it’s not really ‘white’ anymore because of the slime trails of the present administration. These days the former ‘White’ House resembles the main prop from The Amityville Horror) and in the executive chambers of large corporations and anywhere where large amounts of money and power congregate in strange acts of ritual devoted to their ongoing perpetuation; Bohemian Grove comes to mind as does Bilderberger… they do believe in the power of an organized vox populi.

Many of you are familiar with the research done by the C.I.A. in the area of ‘remote viewing’. Of course you have heard about the Russian efforts in the areas of telepathy and mind control; also the Chinese and others have their agencies probing around in areas of human potential.

If you have studied in the realm of the occult and the arcane as I have, you come across all sorts of interesting- and sometimes –frightening things. You may have heard about the ongoing war by certain Christian groups against Proctor and Gamble as being a satanic operation; it’s got something to do with their logo, but that’s not all. You may have counted the stars in the Paramount logo as they come swirling onto the screen. If so, you noted that there are 22 of them. That’s the same number of cards in the Major Arcana of The Tarot; 22 archetypes. You’ve seen the eye on the pyramid. Being conscious of the use of symbols to control and manipulate the unconscious drives of aggregate humanity will bring you to a number of interesting examples; then there are all the religious symbols. Certainly ‘the cross’ has a great deal of power. You might say, “C’mon. It’s just a picture, an image.” But everyone would quickly agree that millions have died because of it and that it exerts a compelling power and fascination upon the minds of many. You would also have to admit that it exerts a great deal of control over the behavior of millions in present time.

Symbols and rituals have magical applications. Rather than address whether this is real or a trick of the mind, let us address the obvious truth that many people believe they are real. Many, many people believe in the power of symbols and rituals and that is enough.

It’s been said that there are two basic divisions of magic; black and white. One is performed for personal gain and the other is thought to be a selfless channeling for the benefit of others. ‘One is certainly dangerous and the other may be merely foolish’; I believe Arthur Waite may have said these very words.

When the people around you are lost at sea in the mass of disinformation that streams like sewage from large municipal pipes, they are being influenced by a kind of ‘magic’. When people are driven by fear to support laws designed to be applied against them and their families, that is also a form of ‘magic’. When huge amounts of money are siphoned off for the special interest of a small group of bag men; that is also a form of ‘magic’.

Somehow we think magic has to include men in capes and naked women jumping over fires. It’s got to have colored lights and strange music and various other special effects. Well, they’ve got all of that in Las Vegas. All of the wars of this world have been, ‘magical wars’. You may believe it was for such and such a reason but really, there are two groups of people on the planet; those who seek to enslave their fellows and those who seek to liberate them. It is as simple as that. Some of you, the larger number of people here, (certainly not readers of this blog) exist in an area of ‘grey magic’. You don’t know what’s happening and you are influenced in one of these directions by more encompassing minds. Generally this is in the direction of the enslavers.

There’s a whole hierarchy in both camps. To keep it simple we will call them; The Infernal Kingdom and The Heavenly Kingdom. That may seem a little fanciful for some but it is accurate in definition. One camp has the real symbols of power and one camp has perverted copies of them. One camp is the custodian and stewards of the secret mysteries and one is always looking to get their hands on them. Everything that happens in the arena of human experience is influenced by the interplay between the realms of darkness and light. One camp can ALWAYS kick the other camps ass. There are certain complicated features that keep this from happening every time it needs to happen and such are not the focus of this limited piece. I’ve said too much already (grin).

So what I am suggesting is, let’s go after these people from the magical end. Let’s get a few thousand people together and circle the ‘former’ White House and levitate the sucker. Let’s use our creative ingenuity to go after them in a way that will have maximum result. Let’s use humor and theatrics and, yes, magic and especially, the one thing they can’t abide… scorn. Can we levitate the ‘former’ White House? Does it matter? Given the airheads in residence I am surprised it hasn’t levitated already. No, it doesn’t matter if we actually levitate it. What matters is that we try. They don’t want this. Trust me on this. This is the one way they don’t want to populace to come for them.

Large drumming circles to ‘drum out the demons’ in the White House and the Pentagon and Congress are also really good ideas. Weekly exorcisms in Lafayette Park are also guaranteed to not only make the horned ones in the ‘former’ White House tremble but just think of what it will do for the demons in the ‘hijacked’ Christian Right? Five thousand people joined together in Lafayette Park chanting “Out, demons, out” would be a real coup; think of how it would look on the Evening News?

Some will say, “Visible, these men aren’t demons. That’s comic-book shit.” If I walk and talk and act like it, doesn’t that make me one? We miss subtle features that render us impotent. It’s like with werewolves and vampires. People think because their ideas of a werewolf and a vampire include certain fanciful and atavistic presentations that therefore they don’t exist. Maybe those renditions don’t exist, maybe they do but… I can take you to LA and New York and show you vampires and werewolves on any given night… and they have the same net result in the end.

Let’s fight magic with magic. I’d look foolish doing this all by myself. I need for you to tell your friends and for them to do the same. A National Drumming Congress will do a lot more toward effecting change than mailings that no one reads from large focus groups that probably are only waiting for their own turn to rob the till. Use your imagination. It is far more powerful than you have yet imagined.

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