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Isn't it Time that You Joined the 9/11 Revolution?

911 was an Inside Job

911 was an Inside Job
911 was an Inside Job
911 was an Inside Job

Note: I will keep adding images to this post as they come in. JMD sent in the black and white sticker at the top.

We don’t have guns. We don’t have banks. We don’t have storm-troopers and we don’t have a powerful media.

What we have is our convictions, our courage and our potential. We’ve done a lot of research and we’ve done a lot of talking and writing. What we have not done is taken the next step toward calculated revolution. A revolution always begins with ideas and ideals. These power the willing and cause the ranks to swell. Sometimes, often... the revolution becomes subverted and when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. This is simplistic but most of you have a grasp of the minutiae and some sense of history; real history.

A couple of entries ago I asked for icons and images that could be put on stickers and made available for public viewing. Of course, I would never presume to suggest or encourage anyone to actually become proactive in a way that was illegal according to the laws of the ruling junta of psychopaths who did the dirty deeds and who spread the ugly lies. Let’s just be hypothetical and trust to our individual imaginations. I cannot know what you might imagine. But we shall see.

Some of you have sent in prototypes, which I hope will obtain some further polish if needed and find their way to this blog again where they will be made available to those who might see some further use for them. The dissimilar image was sent in by ‘notamobster’ and the two similar images were sent in by ‘Ang’. Shouldn’t these inspire further efforts? Yes... I think they should.

This is a beginning and it is my hope that this will inspire other creations that will lead to a further exercise of the creative imagination. We hold these truths to be self-evident. We the people are the revolution. We are each of us ‘V’ for Vendetta. We are an army of subversive possibility. One can only imagine the effect of things like this appearing on the backs of bus seats and in subway cars; as bumper stickers on any and all conveyances, as fliers and posters, on store windows and bulletin boards, on military vehicles in Iraq, on the apartheid wall, in national parks, in government buildings, on park benches, as blog icons, as a growing, visible cry for justice and for truth. Only you can know the multiple, byzantine possibilities that wait upon your will.

We have at our disposal a myriad of opportunities to make a difference in every day. What should be the result of seeing these stickers? Of course, the stickers present possibilities but they should also inspire one to imagine other possibilities. There is a wealth of opportunity at our disposal.

Imagine the world awash in images that appear around every corner. Imagine how far beyond this your imagination can take you. Imagine and act. We have nothing to fear but the fearmongers themselves and we don’t have to fear them because their whole house of cards is built on lies.

Let us begin to see ourselves as agents of the truth. It is a country that lives in the mind, which desires to materialize in form and flesh. We are the citizens of that unseen country. We must manifest it out of the wreckage of this vicious fire sale in which we presently reside. We know who the bad guys are.

Begin here. Begin with this and then carry it on into new extrapolations. Every one of us is a leader. Every one of us is an insurgent and a freedom fighter. Every one of us is every one of us. Sticker the world for truth and freedom. Hunger for justice and act accordingly. We have not used our imaginations. We have believed ourselves to be helpless and alone. We cannot conceive of any effort we might make against the appearance of such a pervasive and powerful machine.

Please help with images. Please use your imaginations. Please make one small effort every day to bring the truth before the eyes of the world. We are the real power. We are not meant to be slaves of a conscienceless minority who drinks the blood of children and dances upon the bones of the dead. I will leave you with your imaginations and a quiet moment in which to inquire of yourself... Quo Vadis?

Cave Dei Videt...

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