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In the Land of The Stupids

Shakespeare said something along the lines that, “There is a destiny that shapes our ends.” I can’t argue with that. History shows me that both people and nations can fail in spectacular fashion; the only drawback to that is that it often takes longer than we wish it to. Most of us hope that blackguard nations and individuals would go direct to the compost heap without the necessity of the agonizing, protracted drama of lives injured in the process.

Were the American people always this stupid? Is it a generational thing; do certain generations back up over a metaphorical La Guardia of reincarnation and chomp at the bit for their chance to perform before the world? I often wonder if there might not be a conveyor belt that moves through dimensional space, sorting and labeling characters for their moment to “strut and fret their hour upon the stage.” I wonder about a lot of things because I don’t get the payoff. I have yet to see where being exposed as an idiot and a liar is a good career move; but wait a minute... it seems like it is.

Enormous power and influence is casually invested in people who would have a hard time managing a Dairy Queen, much less a nation. Media figures, lacking both truth and the eloquence necessary to convincingly read a grocery list are paid huge sums of money and honored as fonts of wisdom. Something is wrong with this picture. When you investigate the thing it appears that all of this exists because the audience is just, just... really, really stupid; have they always been this stupid? and on... off and on; this brings me back to the ambulatory cordwood stacked up over metaphorical La Guardia.

It’s funny how the environment will mirror the personnel passing through it. The soundtrack compliments it. The leaders reflect the led. The quality of the air and water mirrors the intellectual and emotional pollutions of those ingesting it. Stupid people lead stupid lives and everything mirrors their passage through a stupid world to a stupid end. Things that make no natural or mathematical sense make sense there. Lies become the fabric of life. Commercials for things that kill have the impact on a stupid mind of things that give life.

Everything in the land of stupid makes a stupid kind of sense. Going backwards looks like going forwards. Painful things appear to be necessary things even when the pain is a reminder of the results of practicing stupid things. The stupider and more unreasonable everything becomes in reality, the more reality is adjusted in perception to make stupid look smart. It becomes okay to live and eat and breathe stupid. Fat is the new thin. Stupid is the new smart. Leaders who lack only the red neck kerchief of the Khmer Rouge appear positively Jeffersonian. Everything adapts and adjusts to explain everything in terms of stupid.

Lies are not lies; they are adjusted truths that have been explained in terms of stupid. The mindless violence for gain is seen to be a cost effective investment for the general good. Pointless sacrifice of the many for the benefit of the few is, in the stupid perspective, a pervasive boon for the greatest good of the greatest number of people.

Student loans are cut; possibly because the education received no longer has the same value of educations formerly received… but more likely because tiny savings are needed to offset massive expenditures upon stupid policies that have a greater value than that of an educated population. Tiny savings cannot offset massive expenditures. Oh yes they can. They make perfect fiscal sense in the land of The Stupids.

Cutting Medicare and food stamps and social services and all manner of benefits that would seem to be hallmarks of a successful society are proven to be wise and compassionate in the land of the stupids. Those who cannot spend the interest on their gains are given additional gains and those with little or nothing are bent over a barrel and a nation of stupids applauds as they are bent over the barrel.

Political leaders, not content with their personal return on their positions must resort to fraud and theft to further enhance their holdings and this is defined as savvy and perfectly legal in the land of the stupids. The foreign policy of the nation is run from a small country in the Middle East that is the source of the majority of the trouble in that location and this is defined as legal and permissible in the land of the stupids. The leader of this small country tells a former leader of this small country that they don’t have to worry about anything that happens in the land of the stupids because they control this country. The hard physical evidence of this exchange is documented and reported in the news and easily obtained but... it didn’t actually get said and nobody heard it exactly as it was said exactly because... because... they are stupid? So called terrorists that were reputed to have attacked the stupid nation are witnessed aboard gambling boats owned by a lobbyist who supports the government entrusted with the protection of the nation and this is seen as perfectly okay in a nation of stupids.

Massive buildings collapse in free fall and in defiance of physics as the result of a fire caused by the impact of a plane (hijacked by some terrorists of which nearly half were found to be living somewhere else after they died) into a building designed to withstand the impact of the plane where no buildings of similar type and even buildings less securely constructed have ever collapsed before; even when the fires raged for hours and hours longer. This is easily explained in the land of the stupids. The owner of a building not hit by anything is recorded as saying they would bring down the building and immediately the building that wasn’t hit by anything comes down. This owner had weeks before acquired billions of dollars worth of terror insurance and so on and so on but, it didn’t actually happen in the land of the stupids even though it did happen and it didn’t really mean anything.

Hurricanes wipe out an entire city and towns and villages and coastlines all about and nothing was done to provide for the victims during the storm or in the aftermath... slowly, like shit flowing uphill in January assistance now bleeds through the filters of contractors connected to the government that didn’t do anything and, wait a minute... Shit flows like Karo syrup uphill in January all the time in the land of the stupids.

Lies become truth; hindrance becomes help, theft becomes charity, treachery is patriotism and everything is everything that you want it to be when you need it to be whatever you want it to be in the land of the stupids. I read a book somewhere, a novel, that documented all of this and it didn’t sound like a very nice place; containing as it did rat facemasks and nothing being what it seemed but it turns out it is a very nice place indeed in the land of the stupids. In the land of the stupids the man with no brain is king. In the land of the stupids, stupid behavior, suicidal behavior and any kind of behavior that assaults the host body engaged in stupid behavior is considered virtuous and smart behavior because of the high concentration of stupidity that it contains.

In the land of the stupids when you eat your own young you are actually being fruitful and multiplying. In the land of the stupids a country that stood in opposition to Stalinist policies can be applying textbook Stalinist policies taken from the Stalinist textbooks and the critics can be called Stalinists. In the land of the stupids the mouthpieces of the stupids can screech like crows and abuse like alcoholic parents and are pronounced to be fair, reasonable and eloquent voices bravely raised above the screeching of crows.

In the land of the stupids two and two does not make four. In the land of the stupids you can look right at something and not see it. In the land of the stupids something can be made simply and perfectly clear and immediately become complex and perfectly unclear. In the land of the stupids it is clear that you can be never be too stupid or too stupid.

“Although it won’t apply in the land of the stupids it is a truth that if something becomes scarce in one location it will concentrate in another”... he said; shaking the very dust of that city from his sandals.

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