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I just don't get it.

Well, the results are in and its official, Bush is a dictator. I expect a biography written about him to be titled; “George Bush, The American Pinocchio” There has never been a more ludicrous figure in the highest office in the land. Nixon, of course, was a strange one, looking like a demented Bob Hope with their matching ski-slope noses. But Nixon had a brain. Nixon was intelligent, if bent and well understood the theater of international politics.

Why I say Bush is a dictator is that he has just said that it doesn’t matter what congress wants or does. He will determine the course, length and intensity of the war. He said that they have their job and that is to provide the money. He is not going to run his war by committee; as it looks now his vetoes could be overruled. It’s anybody’s guess where this is going to wind up. We are in uncharted territory. We are in no man’s land.

For some of you it’s just business as usual and for some of you it is a scary thing indeed. It’s actually worse than we know and somewhere halfway through this year we are going to look around and see that our world has been changed forever.

Observant people have noticed all of the little nuances in the Patriot Acts, the building of domestic detention camps and the clamp down on basic freedoms, long taken for granted as well as the ongoing restrictions on movement. Don’t worry. It’s for your own good.

Now, unless you are a frothing dog on a short chain, you know that Bush is a lunatic. He’s both crazy and incompetent. He’s an insane, cartoon character in real life and the sensation of his intent is everywhere around us. You have to look back over the years. You have to watch the progression of events as they unfolded and notice the changes that followed each event. If you look closely you can clearly see that very bad shit has happened, is happening and, unless something interferes, very, very bad shit is about to happen.

I’m not going to go into all of the details. If you want a brilliant summing up I suggest you watch:

Keith Olbermann’s commentary on Bush following his speech.

That says it all. It says it with passion and razor sharp intelligence. Keith Olbermann pretty much stands alone at this time. There isn’t anyone at his level. I suggest you check it out. No need for me to sort through the same dirty laundry one more time. You’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it in a hundred places where people were inclined to tell the truth and connect the dots. You know by now or... you’re a frothing dog on a short chain.

Pretty soon, I don’t know when, either Israel or the U.S. or both together are going to attack Iran. There are so many false flags waving in the media it’s like running through laundry lines in a third world city. The very same lies used to drum up the previous engagements are being used again. And they are going to use nuclear weapons.

Something bothers me. There’s something I can’t put my finger on. When you look at Bush’s performance over these last years you see someone who has failed in spectacular fashion at everything he has done. He has wasted enormous amounts of money. He has stolen enormous amounts of money for his friends. Grievous crimes are committed in broad daylight every single day. Halliburton and a number of corporations are doing things that at any other time would demand prison sentences. People who have nothing to do with AlQaeda or terrorism are locked up incommunicado at Guantanamo Bay. Their lawyers are being threatened. Nearly everywhere you look the natural order of life has been bent into tragic and uncomfortable shape. And Bush wasn’t legally elected even once.

The reality of terrorism is that it is a minor nuisance. More people die from eating peanuts than from terrorism and the biggest act, the 9/11 assault was engineered by the present government with the help of various associates in order to fabricate a fear that makes it possible to steal your freedoms for your own protection. Any sane person can see through the veneer of bullshit and lies. By now it is obvious to most of us that 9/11 was an inside job. A CNN poll some months ago found that a shocking 84% believed that the government was somehow involved. But... nothing is done.

Nothing is being done about any of it. A new congress was elected and the citizens of America sent their collective message to end the war now. Yet, nothing is being done. How is it that this is possible? This is what I don’t understand. Why did Nancy Pelosi say there would be no impeachment hearing? How is it that Joe Lieberman can say that an investigation into Katrina won’t be happening? That’s absurd. How is this possible?

There is some kind of gas or chemical in the air that appears to cloud the human mind. It just doesn’t make sense that the first order of the day wouldn’t be to bring Bush and his felon associates up on charges. His crimes outdistance Clinton’s the way a shoplifter compares to a serial killer. There isn’t any doubt that he is guilty of monstrous human rights violations, assaults on the constitution, voter fraud, high crimes, misdemeanors and treason. Bush and his men are worse monsters than Saddam. Why isn’t there an enormous hue and cry?

I hesitate to say this but it is almost as if Bush is The Devil. Everywhere people are subservient to him. Men and women with real credentials and power scurry about this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party as if well, as if the Devil himself were in attendance. Something isn’t right. Things like this do happen in other countries but never before in America. The news is manufactured and spoon-fed to the masses. Glaring evidence of this administration’s involvement in 9/11 is everywhere to be seen and congress won’t say a word. Surely they all know. What power is it that has reduced this democratic organization to a mere rubber stamp?

It just goes on. Bush is now so out of control that people everywhere are seeing it yet nothing is being done. His own party opposes him and it makes no difference. It only takes one state legislature to institute impeachment proceedings and it looks like New Mexico is going to do it, so maybe something is going to happen but people... look what is happening to your world. Look at all the lies that have been exposed, the crimes committed. What is this dreadful miasma that lies over the land? There’s a television laugh track running alongside it. I can’t get a grip on it. It’s like something in the corner of your eye that keeps looming but when you look at it, it disappears.

It is a certainty that anyone else would have been impeached and exiled long ago. How is it that this incompetent coward can go on and on like the sea and nothing happens? I know that the media is part of it, so are the government and the corporations. They’re collectively engaged. But it feels like there is something else, something hidden but immensely powerful in a temporal sense. Things don’t add up. Nothing about the Iraq war effort, or Katrina or obscene tax breaks for the super rich makes any sense. It seems like deliberate incompetence. It’s as if the bunch of them said, “Hey, let’s fuck everything up as bad as we can.”

Pointless troop surges, deliberate provocations abroad, the senseless murders of hundreds of thousands of people and... nothing. It just goes on. The nation is in the grip of an angry sleep and everything is distorted and strange. Where are the representatives of the people crying out for redress. Was everyone in congress given a secret memo. Did aliens take over the Earth? Is there a powerful hypnotic in the water supply? It just goes on lurtching like a drunken Frankenstein toward some terrible epiphany.


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