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Heah Cum De Boogeyman

Yeah, it was back in 2004 when the terror alert epidemic lit up the American scene like Las Vegas in the Sky with Demons. Sparks were shooting off a thousand feet into the air and Al Qaeda was shuffling all round the Homeland Security Dyke like Mau Mau’s in Booga Booga paint. Then Bush the Unelected got shoehorned back into the White House and the Terror Alert Industry went into the toilet.

The Terror Alert Industry was only a backup system; something designed to add a few percentage points to the Fear Index of the common voter. Diebold had the game in hand but that game only works when there’s a workable margin. They did what they had to do in Ohio, Florida and elsewhere and they stole another election. The last three elections were stolen and the success of those affairs has begun to spark an international growth industry in rigged elections from Mexico to wherever they are needed by the few at the expense of the many.

This year, terror alerts won’t do it. It’s time for another big bang and the people that brought you 9/11; the bush administration, assorted neo-cons, British Intelligence and Mossad are ready to take this years blueprint and hand it to the independent contractors. It’s not if, it’s when. So, in the primary stages we get to know that they are ‘Johnny on the spot’ and looking out for our safety and well being- even though, unfortunately, they will be unable to prevent what is going to occur.

As stupid and indulgent as the general American population is, and something less than half of them are ‘to the marrow’ bone deep stupid; according to Scripps Howard 36% of the American public believe that bush and co. were involved in the perpetration of 9/11. Over half the public believes they had prior knowledge. I don’t think Diebold can pull it off again this time.

So what’s the likely option? It’s a given that the Democrats will very likely take back Congress otherwise. If they do, the bush impeachment is a fait accompli. More importantly, things are going to come out that Cheney and his lap dancing little marionette of a POTUS can ill afford the exposure from. The only option I can see that avoids this, for however long they can make it last, is an event that allows for the declaration of a martial law and the suspension of the elections.

Yes, there are variables that work in concert with the continued possession of the power to govern and legislate. There’s the imminent assault against Syria and Iran, which may well be loosed by the phonied up intel about whomever they brand as the perpetrator of the coming 9/11 redux; natch, it’s got to be Iran. There are all sorts of things dovetailing toward the fascist putsch. Meanwhile things are not going well for the fascists.

Iraq has degenerated into civil war. Hezbollah kicked Israel’s butt. Israel war-crimed the Lebanese landscape on world TV. Prime Minister Blair has made it crystal clear that he is a lying sack of shit. So you have the architects of 9/11 all in trouble together and back to working the same old same old on the same confused electorate and; will it really work again? Will it work one more time? Can Lucy hold the football for Charlie Brown one more time and convince him that, this time, she won’t pull the ball away at the last minute? Is America that fucking stupid ...and afraid?

It’s a thrill a minute now. David Ray Griffin’s book is being published by the Presbyterian Church and that’s going to blow some big holes into the bullshit that lines the inside of the middle class American mind. Day by day, hundreds and thousands of people are waking up to the fact that the Bad Guys R Us.

What’s it like behind closed doors at this most evil and debauched administration in American history? What’s it like in the lapdog media newsrooms and newspapers? What’s it like at right wing radio these days as the shit spills out into the virtual streets of Main Street, U.S.A.? God help you.

These are the times you read about. These are the times you heard about. These are the times the movies are about but this is no movie you are in.

Why hasn’t a single American senator come forth to speak out against the lies and intimidation; the voter fraud, 9/11, Israel and Katrina? Why is there no voice(s) of fire? Is it the lesson of Cynthia McKinney? ...was there a lesson in Paul Wellstone? Oh, I’m not suggesting anything here. I don’t know. What I do know is that ‘they’ can and would.

Is this intimidation and mind-numbing power something that whispers into the ears of the powerful in government and media? Is it something that wheedles and threatens audibly from a recognizable source? Is it something more telepathic that moves like a magnetic cloud across the national landscape? Is it the logical outcome of all that ESP and paranormal research? Is bush as he seems; an inept puppet for corporate interests or does he really have 666 tattooed under his hairline? He does look like a poor man’s Paul Newman. He resembles his character in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. But he never was a football player, not even a bad one, just a drunk.

This is a big year my friends. You will be able to look back on this year- provided you are still here and be able to say, “That was when it all went south.” Or, this is when it all started to unravel.”

It is comically ironic that politicians can just go on campaigning, all the while knowing (and they do) that bush and co. orchestrated 9/11 and that powerful assistants compromised the national vote. It amazes me that people just go on with their ordinary events while their world, by increments, assumes the proportions of a giant concentration camp. “Step by step, inch by inch...”

Who is “the man who squats behind the man that works the soft machine.”? Somewhere behind the government are the corporations and behind the corporations is what? We know that fascism is defined by a condition in which the corporations control the government. Observing bushco policies in regard to tax breaks and loosened controls and the general looting of the public tills and trust, why, you can watch it happen right in front of your eyes.

They’re getting ready for the big one right now ladies and gentlemen. They’re setting you up one more time. Will they trust to your continued fascination with the three card monte routine, or will they have to clamp down now? They got to do something. They cannot afford to lose and they don’t care what it costs to implement. You can see the evidence every day in the headlines. You can turn around and look back over the last six years. It’s right there.

So what are you going to do? The unity that made the country strong; that process of joining together remains just as viable today as it was at any time. In unity there is strength. You are stronger than your taskmaster. Try to distinguish between the shadow and the body casting it. There is a real difference in size and appearance. Booga booga!!!


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