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Ersatz Israel; Murder most Foul in Gaza.

The Levittown nation of Israel is going to be celebrating sixty years of being around in May of this year. As with any grand celebration they are going to want to have a lot of fireworks. They started celebrating early with a festive invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Party planners dressed as IDF insurgents slipped across the Lebanese border and got captured, although the press reported that it happened in Israel, and they lit up the sky in Lebanon. Amazingly the Israeli forces were already mustered before the event. That’s the nature of parties and celebrations, there’s always surprise and mystery.

The Israelis were in a real party mood. You could see Lebanese women and children dancing on air every time a rocket hit a Beirut suburb. After peace was declared they dropped over a million poppers and streamer makers called Cluster Bombs so that the Lebanese could keep celebrating afterwards. Parties are best loved by children and the Israelis spared no expense in making sure that the children of Lebanon and Palestine could get into the spirit of things.

It’s not just sixty years of Israel’s existence that is being celebrated. There is also a celebration of sixty years of ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Israel started right off improving the taste of Palestinian water and they haven’t looked back since.

We know from The Lavon Affair and The King David Hotel, as well as the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty that Israel loves surprises as much as she does playing dress up and pretend. She also like to play, ‘tag, you’re It.’ as we have seen from the way the various wars were blamed on Arab countries when in fact they were initiated by Israel. They’re so good at it that most people believe that Israel was attacked instead of the other way round. So that is why something like THIS can tell us a lot.

You have to wonder why all of those rockets being fired at Israel never seem to hit anyone and when they do it’s usually a minor injury. 'They' say hundreds and hundreds of rockets are raining down on Israel. They keep landing in empty lots. Now, if Israel were responsible for a number of these rocket attacks, the reason probably is that you can never have peace as long as you can attack yourself while appearing to be the other guy and that’s what Ersatz Israel is all about. Did you think I meant ‘Eretz Israel’? No, I did not.

Let us move away from the tone of these last paragraphs because the humor escapes me. I’m not laughing. The Palestinians aren’t laughing. Only Israel is laughing. It reminds me of a lumbering drunk that shows up at his kid’s birthday party and scares the shit out of the kids; breaks their toys, disgusts everyone around him but he’s laughing and having a great time. He may believe everyone else is too.

Across the world, indifference moves like the wind through the lives of everyone unaffected by what is happening in Gaza. Joseph Goebbels was a war criminal. He was the minister of information and propaganda for the Nazis. Today we have new war criminals and new Nazis. We have the editors of the New York Times and the Washington Post and nearly all of the mass media of print and television who are complicit in the extermination of the Palestinian people. You have only to look at the wording to see whose side they are on. Well, that’s no surprise given that the media is owned by The Zionists.

As for Nazis we now have the Ashka-Nazis who are not Semitic as they claim but are transplanted Mongols and Turks masquerading as a Semitic people engaged in genocide against real Semitic people; that would be The Palestinians. They want this Ersatz Israel, which is some godawful stretch of real estate that apparently God gave them the deed to thousands of years ago. The irony is that there aren’t enough of these Ashka-Nazis to even occupy the land they are on, much less all the land they want.

More Jews are emigrating from than immigrating to Israel. Maybe this Ersatz Israel is about having monster front lawns of many, many kilometers. Maybe it’s about bigger public walkways. Maybe it’s just the desire for a large hunting preserve where they can kill everybody anywhere on this enormous stretch of land that God gave them.

They are about to go into Gaza and kill a whole lot of people because they are in the way. It’s part of this big celebration that maybe The Beatles are going to show up at and maybe they will sing “All you need is Blood.” No doubt John Lennon and George Harrison are going to rise from the dead for the event. Day after day they are killing Palestinians that have nothing to do with anything except being trapped in a place they can’t get out of.

When the Palestinians democratically elected a government, the Israelis rounded up the entire government and put them in prison and there they remain going on two years now. It is to weep. What can you or I or anyone say about such an affair? Words fail me. I think of terms like, ‘monstrous’, ‘vile’ and ‘evil’. Yes, this is certainly evil and it’s okay. Brutal and terrible things are happening to these people and the world is silent. What a strange thing that these people who were victims of a crime decades ago would be practicing the same thing on another people in present time.

It seems to me that, according to the rules of war, when a foreign nation throws you off of your land and then begins to take the land you landed on as well that you have a right to defend yourself. You have a right to use rockets and whatever means to expel the invaders and to protect your family. It’s even more justified when helicopter gunships fire into your neighborhoods and bulldoze your homes and orchards; when illegal settlers spit on and beat you and make your life a living hell and you have NO WHERE TO GO.

Israel is about to ‘party down’ in Gaza and Lebanon. Terrible things are going to happen and the indifferent wind is going to blow across the world as these people who are not considered human, die. I am reaching for words. I am struggling to define and I am left with words that do not define or sum up the magnitude of what is happening; ‘vicious’, ‘psychopathic’, ‘criminal’, ‘ugly’, ‘horrible’. These words do not satisfy. These words do not deliver. If you speak out against these things then you too can become a Palestinian, a pariah in your own world.

I do not know where justice has gone. I do not know what has happened to this world. It would seem... one would think... that we have seen the dark side of human potential enough to recognize it when it appears and yet it just continues. It just goes on and on.

What are you doing right now? What are you thinking? What will you say and how will you feel when the guns and bombs go off as Israel begins her celebration of sixty years of genocide? It has nothing to do with you. If you never look then you will never see. What a terrible darkness is the human mind.

How long will humanity stand aside in the face of outrageous, criminal behavior and reason it away as someone else’s problem? Do not talk to me of rockets and terrorists. Do not speak to me about Ersatz Israel and God’s real estate agency. Do not attempt to lie and justify to me these despicable crimes; this casual murder of women and children, this leveling of homes and forced starvation, this denial of medical treatment, this destruction of a people ...all while engineering the events that justify the bloody reactions. I see. You cannot make me blind to what I see. I see. I hear. I feel.

Israel does not know that she is exposing herself in every moment. Israel thinks that the world does not see ...but hundreds of millions of people know what is taking place. The bought and sold leaders of the world may turn their heads as they always do but underneath it all a revolution is brewing and they along with Israel shall reap the whirlwind. Every evil thing they do brings them a few feet closer. I have nothing more to say.

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