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Chinese Boxes, Rubik's Cubes and 3 Card Monte Games.

What are we supposed to believe? Are we supposed to believe what we are told, or are we supposed to be skeptical; given what history has shown us over the many centuries we have recourse to? What if the prevailing line is that ‘this’ and ‘that’ adds up to a certain amount but when we weigh it the numbers are different? What should a reasonable person do when faced with the fact that the numbers don’t add up? How do you feel when you can see a lie but are told that the lie is the truth? What would ‘you’ do? Would you shake your head and go about your business, or would you say something? That’s my dilemma and the dilemma of others as well.

I’ve studied what this government has been up to for some years. I’ve studied 9/11 long enough to warrant an advanced degree. I’ve studied the war in Iraq and I have studied this Bin Laden thing. I’ve come across so many connections between the same participants over and over and over again. I’ve looked to see who benefits and which holes the money goes down. Over and over it comes back to the same players.

The government wants me to believe that a cave dwelling veteran of the Soviet/Afghanistan war, with a handful of associates, engineered an amazing assault on New York City, The Pentagon and an inexplicable attack on a Pennsylvania meadow that left evidence never seen before in a plane crash. The government wants me to believe that a handful of terrorists from the Middle East who couldn’t fly small planes with any degree of skill actually piloted large passenger planes at high speeds with expert precision into three targets dead on. They want me to believe that all that survived was a lightly singed passport that just happened to belong to the leader of the gang.

This government wants me to believe that 3 skyscrapers came down into their own footprints at the speed of free fall due to small fires that had nearly burned out where NO SKYSCRAPER has EVER come down due to fire before, much less 3 in one day, much less one that wasn’t hit by anything. I shouldn’t have to add that many of the other skyscraper fires burned hotter and much longer without the same result. What am I to think? What are you to think?

As you follow the connected events the whole picture painted for us begins to look more absurd than a Bruce Willis film. What am I to make of Mohammed Atta being observed and photographed by the FBI visiting Jack Abramoff’s gambling boat? What am I to make of 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents, filming and celebrating the attack on the WTC? What am I to make about them being flown out of the country and all of Bin Laden’s family being flown out of the country? What am I to make of Larry Silverstein saying “Pull it.” just before WTC7 comes down at the speed of freefall into its own footprint?

What am I supposed to think when right after this, America attacks and occupies Afghanistan? What am I to make of the record opium crops? What am I to make of Michael Ledeen and the lies and rumors that led to the following attack on and occupation of Iraq? What am I to make of the same neo-cons now telling the same lies about Iran as they prepare to attack that country?

What am I to make of the dual nationality status of the particular neo-cons who engineered and continue to engineer these conflicts? What do I make of the control of international media by these same interests? What do I make of AIPAC spying and the hue and cry against Walt and Mearsheimer’s book? What do I make of the international suppression of the Rachel Corrie play?

What am I supposed to think about the SAS dressed up as Arabs with explosives in Basra? What am I to make of all the inconsistencies in the London attacks and the Madrid train station and what am I to make of the strange coincidence that the same Israeli security firm was in charge of security at both of these places as well as at all of the 9/11 airports? I’ve put less, far less than one percent of the connections and questions that I have come across, here for your consideration.

Recently some readers have suggested to me that the U.S. government and the British government and the Israeli government are only pawns in the hands of some unknown sinister force. What I have learned is that the 3 nations mentioned seem to be a tag team of ruthless fascist thugs who are setting about world domination. Over and over again, these 3 nations surface as the likely suspects in most of the nasty actions taking place; including blowing things up all over Iraq and then blaming it on the Sunnis or the Shias.

The nation I see leading the charge to attack Iran is Israel, just as they did with Iraq. I don’t see anyone else at the head of the mob. I see dual nationals in the U.S. government doing the same thing. Somebody please tell me the name of this sinister force that I can’t see which is behind these nations. Are they hiding in the Chinese boxes? Are they the face of the Rubik’s cube that never turns face out? Are they the missing queen in the 3 card monte game that hides in the table on which the game is played?

It’s beyond obvious that the 9/11 scam was engineered and carried out by agents within the American, British and Israeli governments. It’s obvious that they are behind the steady removal of various freedoms and liberties long held sacrosanct by the citizens of these countries. It’s obvious that they are engaged in constant criminal activity against other countries and the world economy and that they ruthlessly suppress or eliminate anyone who gets in their way. Somebody tell me how it’s not like this but it’s some other way.

What have I missed in the years that I have been watching this deadly game? What is it about the Palestinians who were thrown off of their land and what is it about the ones who remain in apartheid ghettos and who are routinely murdered day in and day out that makes them such a threat? Why are these Palestinians being starved to death as I write these words? Why are they picking through the trash of illegal Israeli settlers just to stay alive? Why are they confined in virtual concentration camps? Somebody explain this to me.

I’m not good with Chinese boxes. I don’t think I’ve ever had one in my hands. I’m no good with Rubik’s Cubes and I’ve no interest in 3 card monte except as a metaphor but I know cheap magic when I see it.

I did not want to come to the conclusions that I have come to. I am willing to consider any alternative explanation if someone has one. I’m wide open here. Please tell me who this sinister force is, if it is not the very names I have mentioned. Please give me evidence of how the Israeli’s were manipulated into slaughtering the Lebanese and murdering the Palestinians. How far back does it go? Were the British duped into merchandizing slavery? Were they forced to massacre people all across Africa? Did someone trick them into occupying and brutalizing India? Were they tricked into mass murdering the Chinese for opium profits? Did someone for hundreds of years snooker the American government into treating black people worse than dogs? How about the Native American’s?

Did someone sucker Israel into all of the false flags that they have been caught at? Who is forcing them to act every bit as bad as the Nazis in their treatment of the Palestinians? Did somebody from Chaldea write all that nasty garbage in the Talmud about how everyone but them is a lower life form? I’m really confused people. On the one hand I’ve got tractor-trailer loads of evidence that convicts these 3 nations beyond a shadow of a doubt in vicious and incomprehensible crimes against humanity. Where is the evidence of the other players? For that matter, where is the evidence that Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11?

Bin Laden said that he had nothing to do with 9/11, so why are these same nations constantly repeating that he said he did when I HEARD him deny it? How much evidence do we actually have that Bin Laden and co. was engaged in 9/11 compared to the evidence we have that these other 3 were responsible?

Until someone can clear things up for me I am going to have to go with what I have. Neo-con fascists in America and Britain and Israel are THE sinister force and they have got their hooks into Canada and Australia and various European countries that they pressure and blackmail into participating in mass murder based on their desire for profit and control and because their evil is so deep that they actually enjoy doing evil for the sheer joy of doing it.

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