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April...May well be the Cruelest Month.

The clock is ticking. The second hand spins. The minute hand slides and the hour hand crawls. Hours become days. Days become weeks and months and years. Within the spectrum of passing time, all that we know has happened, is happening and will happen.

Is there any one of us who has not said to themselves, as they look back on their life; “How did I get here?” Have we not all wondered what might have been, had we not taken that fork in the road, had we not hesitated at one point or rushed impulsively forth at another? We’ve all been there.

This dream-stuff out of which our lives are woven is a dense composition. We struggle to step outside of it, to wake up but it is an arduous task. Most do not struggle at all. They move through it at the mercy of circumstance on the one hand and whatever personal power they imagine they bring to the mix on the other. Some thrive for a time and some perish. They all depart in the end.

The clock is ticking and never before has such a smorgasbord of possibilities been spread before us. When you think of all the ponderables and imponderables at work, it seems impossible to calculate which way it will go. Think about it; the Middle East and all the percolating locations around the globe; the diametrical oppositions of which we see only the surface; Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel as well as the always forgotten Palestine.

There is the world wide financial tightrope trembling. There are the rising food costs, primarily due to the bio-fuels industry. There is the seldom mentioned but serious problem of water. There are the dying bees and the poisoned landscape. There are the ceaseless lies and soporific snail tracks of the mass media. There is the obvious fascism of corporate control in the most powerful country on Earth; presently in the hands of deranged psychopaths. There is the complicity of Europe and whatever strange pressures are taking place behind the scenes. There is the quiet presence of Russia and China in respect of the world picture. We hear very little about them in consideration of things but they are very large animals in a very small room.

There is the presidential election where the biggest consideration is surely who will be McCain’s running mate. This is a major key to much of which lies unsaid. I would look very hard at this in relation to everything else.

In the past there has always been the illusion that the so-called democratic countries of the world were the white hats. Now it can be clearly seen that the evil empire is in fact America and her handlers in Israel and London; NOT the other way around. We have seen that there is no limit to what these forces will do to achieve their ends. They are without conscience or compassion. They are not human at all.

We know that both 9/11 and the London tube affair were put up jobs. It is likely that Madrid was as well. We know that the white hats were the entities in control of these events and that they were carried out in order to turn world opinion against the Arab/Muslim world for geo-political advantage and for profit. Democracy is no longer at work and we shall soon see what that means. The voice of the people has lost the audio portion of the program.

When one studies what was done by the SCOTUS in 2000. When one looks at what has happened to basic human rights and to the quality of life itself, the atmosphere becomes ominous. Factor in what you have seen from the turn of the century until this moment in time and tell me... what does this imply? When you know that everything that was done was done by the so-called white hats to protect you from a non-existent threat; when they ARE the threat... how can you be sure of anything except that trouble will come?

Have I said some variation of this before? Yes I have. It needs to be pounded into the insolent and indifferent minds; waving their tired blood stained flags over the pyrrhic accomplishments of a prowling red-eyed madness. It needs to be hammered home. Better the hammering of truth in advance... of the hammering of clubs and whips to follow. Now... let us go to a new place. You’ve heard the rest of anything else I can say about these conditions many times before. Let me talk about the light at the end of the tunnel that is waiting beyond the birth pangs of the coming Aquarian Age. The clock is ticking in its agonizing march between the measured breaths of the moment being born. Light is breaking here and there. Even though some few years of darkness may remain, light is breaking.

It is not by accident that various political figures from Italy, Germany and Japan have named the culprits in 9/11 and other affairs. It is not by accident that the UN is considering an investigation into 9/11 as former Italian President Francesco Cossiga has stated, "All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe...know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part ... in Iraq [and] Afghanistan."

As Leonard Cohen said, “Everybody knows.” It doesn’t get talked about on your televisions. It doesn’t get mentioned in your newspapers but it is being discussed in offices and wherever political and financial movers and shakers congregate. Behind the scenes, those who have had enough, those who see what is planned... the coming false flags... the major devastation... the financial unrest, calculated to cause confusions and chaos. Wiser heads and concerned minds are considering what they can do and so they are beginning to speak out and to orchestrate the dissemination of information in such a way that they might retard and hinder what the psychopaths have planned.

Major efforts are underway behind the scenes and you will see evidence of this in the time to come. We are watching the death pangs of the evil of a passing age. We are witness to the last gasp of the last generation of Piscean slave herders. Beneath all of this darkness is a new world being born and you are living in the midst of the transformation.

Hard things must happen because hard things must be broken. Do not despair, no matter what you see or hear. These are just appearances. The battle has already been won and we are living in the echo of their defeat though it seems to be still going on. It’s all over but the shouting.

You can take heart and take heart you should. It’s all coming out and despite all of the difficult problems that seem to beset us, it is all working out. Why I am certain I cannot tell you but I am certain. This has been long coming and it is a spectacle indeed. Your chief concern is to conduct yourself as a human being and do what you can where you are and when you are needed.

It is hard to see though the foliage when it surrounds you on all sides but the world is changing in front of your eyes. I know it seems grim. I know there is a tendency in all of us to fear the unknown and especially given the undeniable presence of madmen at the wheel. Little do they know that they have been driven forth into prominent exposure so that they can be clearly seen. Watch yourself, do not get swept away, let your humanity come forward. The clock is ticking and sooner or later it is going to be now.

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