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52 Days to The Moment of Truth

And here we are, a few days closer than we were the last time we got together. Until November 7th I’m going to detail my observations along the way. I want to point out the things that I see and I want you to watch along with me and to add your observations in the comments section and we can ride the white water of these uncertain times together; ten eyes, or a hundred eyes are better than two. One of the things that make a society strong is in our ability to look out for each other. In real life, if I’m facing you, I can see what’s behind you and you can see what’s behind me.

In a sane society we are bound together by laws and understandings. Those laws are things that we commonly agreed upon. Our understandings are based on what we took from experience and it is a fool that doesn’t learn from the experiences of others so that he doesn’t have to experience them himself. This is not a sane society or time. This is a time of upheaval. This is a time of change. This is a time of sorting out. It is a time when the worst elements among us have gained the upper hand in the matter of appearances of strength and power. Hard as it is to believe, it is temporary.

Across the vast stretch of time there will be many a cabal of fools who gather together in an attempt to control the earth. No one has ever yet accomplished that. There seems to be some mystery here but this is not the place to explore it. I’ve got another blog for that. The sad part is that these fools do a lot of damage on their way to their own destruction. It would be great if there were some cosmic justice with an automatic pilot lightning bolt that would just carbonize these assholes every time they decided to go off on some escapade of world conquest. That feature doesn’t seem to be active in as timely a manner as we might wish. You can’t leave it in human hands, we’ve seen that. And that is why there are laws. Laws are good if they are good laws. Good laws benefit everyone. In principle America has good laws- or they used to have; they’ve gotten a bit draconian over recent times, especially when it comes to things like drug enforcement on the entrepreneurs who cut into the government’s action or the big dogs of the corporate realm. But I digress.

One of the saddest elements of those who want to take over the world and shape it to their will is that they are often cowards. This makes them especially mean. George W. Bush is such a coward. Personally, I‘d like to fiberglass him and water-board his ass on some big Hawaiian waves, but that’s just me. I despise cowards who hide behind armies of dutiful souls who fight meaningless wars for the personal profit of the few who will never even see combat. And that’s all war is ever about. There are few exceptions to these rules. War is big business.

Let’s go to my point and stop this philosophizing from my personal mountain top. Chicken-Hawk in Chief, Booga Booga Bush made an ominous statement the other day. He said, “They want to attack us again. Time is running out.” Every man jack of us ought to think about those sentences; sentences brief enough that this deranged moron actually managed to get them out in one piece. The clear facts are that ‘they’ didn’t attack us. ‘We’ attacked us. Unless you are some faux artiste or witless poseur in a coffee-katche forum in some backwater armpit of the internet, or one of the ranks of brain-washed lemmings that seem to reproduce without pause then you know this already. ‘They’ didn’t attack us in London and ‘they’ didn’t attack us in Madrid. The same people did all of these things and ‘they’ ‘are’ about to do it again. You’ve been warned by the ‘they’ in chief.

The real reason for this smoke and mirrors demand to enhance and legitimize American torture techniques to gain evidence is about what’s up ahead. It has nothing to do with the reasons given. What’s the point of torturing people who don’t have the answers? What makes this especially ugly is that the people doing the torturing are the people behind the attacks. Now there is a sad, sick irony for you.

It’s also about, “I told you so.” You see, when they launch their next false flag op they want to be able to say that they warned you it was coming but you wouldn’t let them pull out the right fingernails to stop it. Anyone who has studied the technology of fascism would be able to quickly see all the steps along the way. You’d recognize the Reichstag Fire-redux. You’d see the equation of problem-reaction-solution. You’d see the lack of public evidence, consistently gone missing along with the evidence lost in the midst of official claims of proof and personal assurances of guilt.

It makes me sad that base cowards like the American neo-con movement and their associates can just plunder at will in The Land of the Stupids. It makes me even sadder that the rest of us have to live in The Land of the Stupids. The Stupids may well deserve whatever happens to them. The rest of us might not.

Consonant with the certain evolution of the next big time terror attack is the mind-shaping that is now taking place in preparation for the election fraud also evolving in real time. Let me point out one thing here that should really clarify the reality of what I say. The company that makes the software for the computer voting machines is the same company that makes your ATM’s ...which...which...give you a receipt, a paper trail, any time you want it and which work like a charm just about all the time. Ponder this and do the math; those of you for whom 2+2=4 is not rocket science.

Perhaps the strongest weapon- and certainly Goebbels pointed this out- is the captive mass media. They are an arm of the government and the corporations. The media is the one who stands by the orgy bed holding a towel while these two have it off with each other. Presently the media is engaged in telling you that the congressional races are tightening, that there is a shift in momentum; that black is white and up is down. The truth is that a significant majority of the American people have zip faith in the Republican controlled congress and zip faith in that posturing nimrod swaggering around in the White House. It’s true that the majority of the Democrats are chicken-shit whores. That’s a given and I won’t dispute it. However, it is certainly to your advantage as a formerly free people to have the democrats win because there are some among them that will expose all manner of things once they have the opportunity. It will also shift the direction of the country out of the ditch and back on the highway. It’s checks and balances. Will they go off the road again further on? You can count on it... but it does buy us time.

52 Days people; 52 Days and counting. If it weren’t so ominous and if people weren’t dying and suffering from all that this present plague has visited upon so many it would make for exciting viewing. What will these pigs from Animal Farm come up with next? What will Boss Hogg Rove engineer? Have little doubt that it is going to be ugly and illegal. But laws are only as effective as the people who administer them. As you have seen with the Bolton nomination and so many things over recent years, laws are made to be broken and circumvented.

Right now, the best you can do is to ignore everything you hear from the media and this administration and turn out in droves to vote. If you turn out in record numbers they CANNOT pull off the fraud. This especially means the clueless, slacker, self-involved youth of this country. If you should all come together RIGHT NOW then you can put these gangsters out of power. It is very possible indeed. If you do not choose to do so then let it be on your heads.

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