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25 Days and even The Crickets are Quiet.

It’s quiet... too quiet. You could almost hear The Eisenhower and all the support and strike ships steaming toward the Persian Gulf. That is, if you knew about it, but you don’t; seems like that would be a big deal, newsworthy, certainly more newsworthy than a small plane crash in New York City. Just in case, there’s also going to be minesweepers and sundry showing up as well. Gee, I wonder what they’re going there for. Tune in the last week of October and you might find out.

Adolph ‘the butcher of Beruit’ Olmert is jumping up and down and screaming about Iran; Iran needs to be destroyed now before they start dropping nuclear fueled ski-resorts on Tel Aviv. The weird thing is that Iran doesn’t pose any kind of a nuclear threat so it’s got to be something else. Also, this has been in operation since before the Afghan and Iraq incursions, which were all about making an Iranian Sandwich; lots of Ketchup, hold the mayo maybe it has to do with oil or something. Lucky North Korea, they don’t have any oil.

Iran would be in much bigger trouble if Israel had some sort of major influence in the media and a little (or a whole lot of) behind the scenes clout in powerful Western democracies. Luckily, all they’re managed is to control the small venue lecture circuit and Off Broadway theater action. So they’ve been real successful in stopping anyone who wants to complain about their genocide against the Palestinians or those who makes plays about peace activists crushed by snarling Askenazi’s in bulldozers. Thank god they’re strictly small venue. Imagine if they could convince some large super power to get involved in their “Toast Iran Now!” hysteria? That couldn’t be good.

It hasn’t come up yet that the Speaker of the House is gay and lives with his chief of staff. I’m wondering what negotiations are like in the back room? Maybe its time release, set for the first week of November. Everything that happens from now on in is timed for maximum impact according to the experts with the degrees in maximum impact.

I’m wondering if this whole Republican gays-in-the-closet thing is really just another part of their routine. See, it’s gotten to be such a piece of cake, duping the American people, stealing elections and bitch-slapping the Democrats that they just had to have a challenge. It had stopped being fun. Well, of course they knew they could win any time they wanted to, even if they went out on the rubber chicken circuit and sodomized underage immigrant children as after dinner entertainment at fundraisers (and who says they don’t?). But this gives the illusion of a horse race. Hell, Diebold has had to put extra hackers on the payroll, just like the post office does at Christmas.

Remember the look on Spurious George’s face when they told him that Florida had gone for Gore? I’ve never forgotten that. It was a telling moment and so were his comments at the time. See, he knew the fix was in. Just like he knows it now... or does he?

As it stands at this moment, the Republicans lose both houses of Congress. Their best case scenario is they lose The House and tie in The Senate. Meanwhile, as things go, it won’t get better for them. It just won’t. And the country is fed up. Those polls are inflated as best they can be. Meanwhile, on Main Street, America is lifting its fat face out of the mashed potatoes and wondering not only who farted but who went and shit their pants at the dinner table. You can hide a fart. If you’re good, and some of us are, you can make it convincingly clear that it was the chick in the glasses sitting next to you. If you’re legendary, and some of us are, you can run your hand up the inside of her thigh at the same time. But... when you shit in your pants at the dinner table, all someone has to do is check. And this is one of the reasons we need immigrant workers in America.

This is the Republican’s dilemma, not only did they shit their pants at the dinner table but they also shit on the living room carpet, rolled around in it and then finger-painted, “Bill Clinton made me do it.” all over the walls and stole the silverware and got caught. They didn’t do it just once. They did it day after day for six years- even Gerry Mandering can’t save them now.

So what do you do when you’re guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors AND having dead puppy porn on your computer? What do you do when it becomes common knowledge that you consider your most loyal supporters to be embarrassing idiots? And don’t start in about how that happens to be true and is also proof that the Republicans didn’t lie one hundred per cent of the time because here is a single example that makes it only 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% of the time. It doesn’t matter that they are in fact deluded sub-normal lalaland refugees in search of a heavenly Gerry Springer with a snow white double-wide coming down out of the sky. What matters is that they got nailed again. And even if these pinheads from the planet Nodwell still don’t catch on or understand what that means; and it’s fifty-fifty either or in Vegas as of 9:00AM, all kinds of other people who have been fence-sitting are going to wonder what you actually think of them and for many others it’s just one more turd in the punchbowl too many. The laws of attrition are not under review at this time. You may in fact be screwed. But, hold the phones...

Don’t worry. That’s just on paper and paper isn’t something voters are going to be taking home with them after they leave the voting booth. It’s not like they were using one of Diebold’s ATM machine where they get a receipt. You can’t make computers give up voting receipts. It doesn’t work like that. See, when you vote, the hard drive that fractates the Ethernet florin data mine has to migrate dual defecators through the FSB and present technology hasn’t gotten to that point where two of them can go in the same hole at the same time; although that's one of the things Core2Duo was supposed to fix. It’s not the same as at the ATM’s, that’s why you have to stand in line and wait for the next guy. See what I mean? Okay, moving right along.

It does look grim for The Washington Yankees and if they pull it out in the ninth against really impossible odds; meaning, no way would it be legal- and hasn’t been yet- but this time it would have to be mega-noticeable illegal and it would mean that the window dressing can come off now and you really get to see what that enemy combatant stuff was all about. But... what if... what if something really, really bad happened such as some guys from the neighborhood dress up as Iranians and blow up an enormous pig in a kosher deli? They wouldn’t have to be Iranians. They just have to look like Iranians. It’s worked lots of times before and even when the people behind the false flag ops got caught it didn’t matter; The USSS Liberty and The King David Hotel and lots of stuff.

Well then, Armageddon could get it on and they’d forget about being idiots because now they would be idiots caught up in a rapture and everybody else would be scared shitless and there would be a huge immense mess of dead bodies and screaming headlines and suddenly there would be enemy combatants all over The Homeland like rabid PacMan creatures and you can bet that would make election fraud look like unarmed donut theft and throw in the panic vote for the Fear Machine and yeah, that might work.

We’ll have to see. I don’t know myself. I know something is coming. How can it not? This is so exciting! I've already eaten all of my popcorn and the movie just started. I think I’ll just slip up into the lobby real quick and get some more and I’ll see you all later if there’s still a theater and still a later.


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